Rice Water Scalp Mist

Our Rice Water Scalp Treatment is one of the quickest ways to properly provide your hair with the nourishment that it needs, which in turn will help to retain more length and help your hair to feel silky smooth. It helps to also nourish the damaged hair that you already do have. If your hair isnt damaged, rice water can be used to prevent damage. With the rice water scalp mist, you will see a significant difference in your hair growth as well as the thickness of your hair. Our Rice Water Scalp Mist come in a Premade version, and a "Kit" version, which comes with 1-3 steep bags filled with the rice and multiple other hair growth ingredients, a refillable 4oz plastic bottle, instructions and funnel to fill the bottle. Try it yourself and let us know how it works for you! 

Rice Oil Scalp Boost

While our Rice Oil Scalp Boost is just as beneficial for your hair as the rice water but in oil form. Both products come with 8 all natural hair growth ingredients that will add all the nutrients that your scalp and hair needs to grow longer and healthier!

Try our Rice Water and Scalp Oil Combo TOGETHER

for best results!

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